Critical Analysis Essay: Writing Guidelines and Useful Tips

A writing assignment causes different emotions in students' mind. Which feelings does it cause for you? Are you an experienced writer or you simply love writing? Or maybe you belong to the category of people who don't like writing at all?

Anyway, a critical analysis essay isn't the easiest essay kind. That's why, even those people who usually don't mind writing, might feel not confident about this task. What about you? Do you know how to write this kind of paper? Have you ever had experience in writing an excellent essay of this kind?

You might think: "Writing a critical analysis essay is simple!" But you are mistaken! If you sincerely believe that this kind of paper might be easy to write, your knowledge about it might be too superficial. We hope that these guidelines will be helpful to realize your mistakes and to help you in writing the best paper ever.

What Is a Critical Analysis Paper: Purpose and Rules

So, this is a paper that differs from other essay types. First of all, do you know a definition of a critical analysis essay? If you don't know one, you can even formulate it from the type name: yes, this is an essay that should contain a critical analysis of something. Doesn't matter what topic you are going to select, you have to discuss it from all points of view, in all aspects and with the application of all possible opinions that you might find.

How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay Step by Step?

First of all, your work should contain different ideas, and you should compare them and analyze them. Compare them not only with each other but with your thoughts, as well. There are two main points that you should pay attention to:

  • You should be reasonable and fair.
  • You should not be afraid to accept that your ideas might be wrong.

How to Start a Critical Analysis Essay?

Doesn't matter which kind of paper you are writing, a proper introduction is already half of your success. Are you surprised? But think: if your reader isn't interested from the first line, how should he or she read your work till the end? That makes sense, doesn't it? That's why an introduction to a critical analysis essay should be catchy.

Only if you manage to handle it, your reader will be willing to pay enough attention to the main part. Here, you provide the actual analysis. What pros and cons does your opinion have? Are there any other relevant opinions and ideas that you would like to mention? Make a discussion, a proper analysis, and, finally, a conclusion.

How to End a Critical Analysis Essay?

The end of your work should be strong enough. The main idea of the paper's conclusion is to provide the summary of the entire paper's content and the conclusions, which you have made. It is not so simple to do so, because, from your conclusion, your reader should understand what the paper was about.

So, your conclusion should be organically integrated into the critical analysis essay format and its content. And be ready, that you might want to change it again and again. That is nothing more but the evidence that you want to make all as perfect as you can.

Critical Analysis Essay Topics Ideas

When it comes to the topics, it is always better when your teacher provides one. However, in some cases, you should decide on the topic independently. Do you have any idea of those critical analysis essay topics, that can take the attention of your teacher? What about trying one of these?

  • Athletic competitions and doping.
  • Video gaming addiction.
  • Paralympic games.
  • Racism issues in sports.
  • Religion and society.
  • People trade.
  • Unemployment and life standards.
  • Environment and people`s habitat.
  • Technology and health.
  • People and robotics industry developments.

Critical Analysis Essay Outline Example for Your Reference

And, finally, let us sum up everything once more. When you think of a critical analysis essay outline example, you will find out, that it is not so different from a basic essay outline. But some ideas will differ definitely. Thus, the outline might look like this:

  • An introduction
    • You present your paper topic and its relevance. Mention something that will touch and catch your reader.
  • The main part
    • You introduce the problem once more, but this time, you provide more details.
    • You give your main idea and substantiate it.
    • You provide the opinions of other people and experts' views.
    • You discuss why they are wrong or right and analyze them by applying a critical approach.
  • A conclusion
    • Here, you declare your findings.


A critical essay is a hard nut to crack. If you feel that it is too complicated for you, we advise you, instead of risking your grade, ordering your task from a reliable company. What about getting it written by our writer? Then, you can be sure, that your grade will not suffer.

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