Top-30 Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics for Good Writing

Do you feel puzzled because you lack the creative ideas for your rhetorical essay? Stop panicking! 30 rhetorical analysis essay topics list will come to the rescue if you have no time for brainstorming topics on your own. Everyone would agree that the well-chosen topic is the key to success. If you want to have the guarantee that you are on the right way, check rhetorical analysis topics and pick the most suitable one.

First, make sure you are aware of what the rhetorical analysis essay is. If you check the definition, you will see that it is defined as a piece of writing, the main aim of which is to conduct an in-depth analysis of somebody's speech regarding the effect it makes. There are millions of rhetorical topics for an essay on A+! You are free to choose any of the below-mentioned topics that will impress the teacher.

Rhetorical Analysis Topics List to Explore

How to know that this topic is the right one and another one is better not to choose? Everything is simple. The main criteria are to be familiar with the issue or have a wish to learn more about it, and one more important thing to keep in mind is that you need to be passionate about the topic discussion. Look at the interesting rhetorical essay topics and answer yourself whether you are interested in it. What about your target audience? Will the reader be engaged?

Have a look at the good rhetorical analysis essay topics. Bear in mind that all of them are good to catch the reader's attention, however, among them, there may be "right" and "wrong" topics for you personally. That's why it is up to you to decide which one sounds great for you. The best topic is the one, which can help you to demonstrate your high-quality writing skills and an ability to provide a careful analysis of the literary devices used by the author.

Here, you will find A-grade topics for both college/university students:

  1. Choose your favorite politician and analyze his/her last speech.
  2. Why are so many people impressed by the speeches made by Steve Jobs?
  3. Analyze the public performances of S. Jobs. Which literary devices did he use?
  4. Analyze an interview with the famous showman and consider the way he/she talks.
  5. Discuss the monologue speeches of Roosevelt.
  6. Analyze the speech of the President.
  7. Which of the presidents speaks more persuasively?
  8. What made the speech of M.L. King so popular?
  9. The language means you use when trying to convince that you are right.
  10. Compare the literary devices used by Shakespeare and the modern authors.
  11. Choose one of the stories by Poe and analyze one of them.
  12. How does the speech help to learn more about the person?
  13. What makes the speech brighter and vivid?
  14. The most effective literary devices you should use to catch attention.
  15. Choose the favorite poem and analyze each line of it.
  16. Whom do you consider the most successful speaker among public people?
  17. Is it possible to become a good speaker? Which skills are required?
  18. Think of the advertisement you consider effective. Explain why you like it.
  19. What is the difference between the good and the bad blogger?
  20. How to know that the person in front of you has all the features of the leader?
  21. Can a word be compared to the weapon? Give examples.
  22. Is it possible to hurt a person with the word?
  23. What are the secret techniques for proving your standpoint?
  24. Analyze the poetry of XIII and XVIII.
  25. How does the profession influence the speech?
  26. Analyze the words used by blue-and white-collar workers most often.
  27. Is there any connection between the speech of the well-educated person and the one not having the high education?
  28. How to use literary devices the right way to achieve your goals?
  29. How to impress the reader when writing an introduction?
  30. Analyze the literary work you dislike, explain why you think that the author failed in reaching his/her intentions.

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