Thematic Analysis Essay Guidelines

An essay might be a straightforward and pleasant task for some students. However, it might be very stressful for other students. All depends on the people's writing skills, imagination, ability to organize their thoughts in a proper form. Moreover, this form should be possible to understand and to perceive.

Do you have all the mentioned skills? If yes, any paper isn't a challenging issue for you. However, what should you do if your skills are rather poor and your imagination is good for numbers, but not for words? Or what should you do if you are into the arts but writing isn't your cup of tea? And now, you need to handle this new task. How to write a thematic analysis essay to get a better grade? What should you pay attention to and what means should you use? Are there any standard tips that you can use to improve your writing? Here, you will find all the information, in an easy-to-read form.

What Is a Thematic Analysis Essay?

You usually write this kind of paper on a topic, connected with some book. The literary piece you might want to select on your own if your teacher hasn't indicated which one he prefers. So, if you are choosing a book for your thematic essay on your own, you should make sure it is interesting enough. By "interesting," we mean not only interesting to read but exciting from a literary point of view. Are there any particular means that are used for foreshadowing? How does the author show moods in work? How could you use all those things for your work?

Thematic Analysis Essay Structure and Writing Tips

Okay, the topic is already there. What follows after that? You should understand, that even if you know the book very well, you might need to get acquainted yourself with some other opinions. Conduct some research. Who else has analyzed the literary work? How do they see and perceive it? Have you found some ideas that have influenced your opinions and attitudes?

Make sure, that your thematic analysis essay structure can integrate all those ideas that are relevant. Who knows, it might be, that you will have to change your essay completely, depending on the views and opinions, that you find. However, the general structure of a thematic analysis essay follows the standard pattern:

  • An introduction;
  • The body;
  • A conclusion.

How to Start a Thematic Analysis Essay?

As we have mentioned, the structure for any essay is a standard one. The content is what makes papers differ from each other. So, in the thematic analysis essay introduction, you should attract attention. It is not important if the person knows the book you are writing about or not. Your reader should want to read your paper till the last word, and then, they should want to read the book.

So, how to start a thematic analysis essay to attract the reader's attention to such an extent? There are many ways to do so. However, the surest way is to show that the story is engaging for your reader. If you touch their heart in your thematic analysis essay introduction, they will want to read it. And this is your primary target.

How to End a Thematic Analysis Essay?

After you have handled the introduction and the main part, after you have created all those elaborate discussions and comparisons, you might think, that the work is over. You should write a couple of sentences and organize them in conclusion. But you aren't right. If you want to get a good grade, a perfect conclusion is not less important than any other essay part.

How to end a thematic analysis essay, if you want to create a paper worth the highest grade? Yes, you might be surprised, but it is not enough to end your writing with some general sentences. A nice conclusion of a thematic analysis essay should contain your main idea and the main analyses. Be short and be precise.

Thematic Analysis Essay Outline Example

So, now, let us summarize, in short, what you should pay attention to if you get such an essay as a writing task. Yes, the essay consists of three main parts, but what should they contain? Even if you have a clear idea on how you are going to write, have a look at the outline provided here. It might be useful for you.

  • An introduction:
    • Tell a story from your life.
    • Explain how this story is connected with the book and why the book is relevant for you.
  • The body:
    • Explain the main idea; it is not important if this idea belongs to you or somebody else.
    • Give examples and explain which literary means are used to reveal the real moods.
    • Discuss different views.
    • Provide your opinions.
    • Compare them with the opinions of other specialists or peers.
  • A conclusion:
    • Summarize the essay's content, do it in a short and exact manner.
    • Give your conclusions.


This kind of paper is not easy. You might be handling other essay kinds easily, but here, inspiration alone isn't enough. You need solid knowledge and some skills. If you don't have them, it is better to rely on somebody reliable. What about our writers? We can help you, any time and with any kind of writing task!

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